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Whether you are a large multi-national corporation or a small business with cross-border business interests, our international insurance broker network provides you with access to the best in local expertise.

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General Commercial Insurance and Commercial Liability

The general insurance cover needed will differ from country to country so it pays to have a knowledgeable insurance broker to guide you.

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While every business has a set of standard insurance needs, precisely what insurance cover should be obtained will differ from country to country. Having access to a global network of highly experienced insurance brokers and risk advisors means that wherever your business takes you, you are able to make sure that you have the commercial insurance you need in the shortest possible time.

Examples of the general commercial insurance that our brokers are able to provide include:

  • Vehicle Fleet Insurance
  • Group Medical Insurance
  • Public Liability Insurance
  • Personal Accident Insurance
  • Transit and Cargo Insurance
  • War and Terrorism / Political Violence Insurance
  • Property and Asset Insurance

Commercial Risk Management

Risk Management presents a significant challenge when local legislation and working conditions need to be considered.

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Protecting your profits and managing all potential risks associated with doing business in a foreign country is a key concern for any company. A qualified, experienced commercial risk management specialist, au-fait with local conditions and legislation will ensure that you reduce your total cost of risk through a strategic risk management program.

International Employee Benefits

Partner with a local insurance expert to structure tax efficient and attractive international employee benefit packages.

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Creating and sustaining an environment that promotes productivity is achieved in part when your employees feel secure and when the benefits you provide are attractive. Partnering with a local insurance expert will help your company to facilitate expatriate insurance for both individuals and families, as well as assist you to formulate employee benefit packages that are both tax efficient and attractive.

Workers Compensation

A specialized knowledge of your industry and local legislation is imperative to provide the most appropriate cover for your employees and company.

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A specialized understanding of your particular work environment is needed when providing cover that will not only protect your employees in the event of an injury or accident, but also protect your business from recourse. Workers compensation plans differ from country to country and even between regions within a country, which is why a broker with local knowledge is needed to assist you to select the most appropriate cover.

International Investments and Assets

Protecting your global assets and investments requires a specialized, tailored approach to your unique circumstances.

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Comprehensive cover should include all considerations concerning your operations including physical property and financial assets that may be impacted by political, environmental and legal threats. Working with a global network of insurance and risk management specialists provides you with access to local expertise to ensure a comprehensive approach to loss control for your organization.

Specialty Commercial Insurance

When standard commercial insurance simply won’t cover your circumstances, you need the knowledge and expertise of a specialist advisor.

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Both multinational organizations and smaller companies completing projects beyond the borders of their countries need commercial insurance, however very often, standard commercial insurance cover is not enough. Specialty operations that fall outside of general commercial insurance require a specialized approach and expert knowledge to provide the correct level of cover.

Examples of specialty commercial insurance include:

  • Maritime
  • International Schools
  • NGO’s and Non Profit Organizations
  • Construction and Engineering
  • Travel

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