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Discerning insurance brokers and risk management specialists partner with United Australia Brokers as they acknowledge the value of being associated with a recognized global brand that epitomizes the highest international principles and ethics.

Each of our associate insurance brokers and risk management specialists is independently owned and is committed to providing unsurpassed levels of service to our private expatriate and commercial clients worldwide.


What are the benefits of registering as a UAUB approved insurance broker or risk management specialist?



Access a large pool of Global Clientele

Both specialist and generalist insurance brokers, as well as investment and risk management specialists can be found within our global network. Our wide range of services attracts a consistently abundant demand from private, expatriate and commercial clients from around the world. All client enquiries are assessed at our central office and sent to the relevant broker for action.


Enhance your Brand and Reputation

Because the United Australia Brokers brand is widely associated with a premium standard of service excellence and knowledgeable expertise, insurance brokers displaying the United Australia Brokers network logo on their websites and other marketing collateral, reinforce their individual and global reputations.


Leveraging your Global Reach

When our insurance brokers and risk management specialists need to assist clients who will be living, working or managing projects abroad, they are rest assured that they can continue to serve their clients’ needs in the most professional manner through our network of committed brokers throughout all 6 key continents including Africa, Asia, North America, South America, Australia and Europe.


Ensuring Cost Efficiency and Peace-of-Mind

Setting up and maintaining global contacts and professional relations with unknown brokers carry both substantial risk and cost. Our approved insurance brokers and risk management specialists are able to utilize the United Australia Brokers network free of charge and partner with our trusted associates who each subscribe to the highest standards of service, efficiency and ethics.

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