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As an expatriate, finding the insurance policies that best suit your international needs can be particularly difficult. With local legislation that is always different to that of your native country, it can be a real challenge to get the cover you need at the most affordable rate. Insufficient insurance coverage in the case of illness, accident, death or loss is just about the last thing that you want to worry about.

Expatriate individuals and families trust United Australia Brokers because with us, engaging with professional, trusted insurance brokers and risk management advisors who operate and understand the local requirements in your new home country, is made as seamless an experience as possible.


What are the benefits of using a UAUB approved insurance broker or risk management practitioner?



Assuring your Peace of mind

Our international network of professional, established insurance brokers and risk management specialists subscribe to the highest international principles and ethics, with which United Australia Brokers is synonymous.


Linking you to Local expertise

Each of our member insurance brokers and risk management specialists is privately owned and operated and a specialist in their particular field of expertise, within their own country. Through United Australia Brokers you have free access to the highest levels of knowledge and expertise within your destination country.


Providing you with Freedom of Choice

Because each of our insurance brokers is privately owned and managed, we as a network, are not affiliated with any particular underwriter. United Australia Brokers represents numerous insurance brokers and risk management specialists within any given region and was founded to provide you, the expatriate, with genuine freedom of choice. Each of our brokers is committed to finding the most comprehensive, yet cost efficient solution for your particular needs. You will never be bound to any particular broker and will always have the freedom to explore your options within the safety of our network of UAUB approved, professional, trusted insurance brokers and risk management specialists.


Providing you with Ultimate Convenience

Accessing a selection of appropriate insurance brokers and risk management specialists via our approved network of professional members saves you significant time and effort.


Unsurpassed Service

The highest level of service in the global insurance and risk management industry comes standard with United Australia Brokers. Our independent member brokers and specialists are each dedicated to providing flexible, affordable, targeted, efficient and transparent services and the best level of support both locally and globally for all of our expatriate clients.

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